Community Translations of the Standard for Public Code


  1. Contribute
    1. Files to translate
      1. Foreword
    2. Review of a translation
  2. Problems, suggestions and questions in issues
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Community translations of the Standard for Public Code

This is a repository for unofficial translations of the Standard for Public Code, provided by the community.



Anyone may start a translation of the standard. Please place your translation in a folder named with an RFC 5646 language code (for example es for Spanish or da for Danish or zh_Hant_TW for Chinese with traditional script for the Taiwan locale).

In order for our scripts that generate pdf’s to work as easily as possible, do not translate file names, folder names or the front matter.

You may use script/ to get started. This script copies the English files into the translation folder that you specify.

In the pull request, also remember to update the table in with a link to the translation and what version this is a translation of.

Files to translate

These are the files that need to be translated before it is ready for review.

While standard-print.html and print-cover.html are large files, the only text that needs to be translated are the ones in the table below (some in two places in the file).

English text
Request for contributions
Standard for Public Code
Table of Contents
Readers guide
Contributing guide
Code of conduct
Version history
This license is the legal contract that allows anyone to do anything they like with the content in this entire document.
For questions and more information about our organization you can find us at our website, email us at, or call us at +31 20 2 444 500
The Standard for Public Code supports the collaborative creation of codebases that are usable, open, legible, accountable, accessible and sustainable.
The Standard includes guidance to policymakers, managers, designers and developers creating and managing codebases.
The standard specifies the criteria:
Request for contributions
What public code is and how to implement it for:
Public policy makers
Developers and designers

The license need not be translated since that is just copied from another project. If there is a translation available in the target language for it, it may be included. If a translation of the license is not available yet, but you really need it, we encourage you to translate it upstream. That way it will benefit more people and you will get help of a community that know the license well.


There is also that gives context about the concept of Public Code. The foreword may be translated or even customized for a locale’s context.

Review of a translation

Before we merge a pull request of a new or updated translation it need to be reviewed. This should be done by a native speaker coming from a different context than the person submitting the pull request.

Problems, suggestions and questions in issues

You can report problems, suggest changes or ask questions by creating a GitHub issue for this project in the GitHub Issues for community translations. Or, sign up to the Standard for Public Code mailing list and send an email to

Preview, build and deploy

We are still figuring out the details this process. Please be patient.

Code of Conduct

This repository uses a code of conduct, please respect it.


All translations must be submitted under CC0 1.0.